God Hath Sworn

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 Quickly, Elisabeth turned her face from the celebrating women—before tears could betray her hidden anguish. How precious the birth of a child. Sadly, no child had ever suckled in her empty arms. Her womb remained barren…her purpose unfulfilled.

In the passage of time, the yearning in her soul had only intensified. Longingly, Elisabeth had watched happy mothers with giggling children, parade their way to church and market. She was a staunch, well respected middle age woman…blameless in the sight of the Lord…and she believed. In spite of her impotence, Elisabeth still believed—believed her time would come. She had a promise. Long ago, Yaweh whispered a dream in her heart.

Her friends had begun calling her a new name—barren!  Even Zechariah, her god-fearing husband, had ceased all prayers… all hopes for a baby.   Not so with Elisabeth

Elisabeth was six months pregnant when she greeted Mary.    “You are blessed for believing that the Lord would keep his promise to you.” Luke 1:45 GW

How could she speak with such confidence? Had she always believed?  Uncovering the meaning of her name opens the heavens. Women called her barren but the Lord named her Elisabeth—God hath sworn. Even when she was well along in years, even when it seemed the life she dreamed of would never happen… even when Zechariah doubted, God still called her—Elisabeth! He had sworn. He knew who she was—He  had a plan.

Elisabeth’s intimate walk with God impassions my heart. She refused to wear the labels of men. Ignoring their comments and clandestine whispers she flung herself into the presence of God. If people didn’t understand God’s call on her life she simply laughed. “Oh, Father, they don’t get it… but it’s okay. It’s our secret anyway.”

Slowly the nausea began to form a pattern. Other symptoms told her the wonderful news—and she ran! She ran to her Beloved, the God who had sworn. For five months she hid herself with Him…just the two of them relishing the glory of a long ago promise. She had spent her life in His shadow. He had been her place of comfort while the scorning enemy taunted her nothingness. This was the only place she longed to be.

If this is you, if the Almighty has given you a dream—take off the accusing label. Reach for the promise–His  promise–His  promise to you! Be comforted, be encouraged–God hath sworn!

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4 Responses to God Hath Sworn

  1. Kim Aldrich October 2, 2013 at 9:33 am #

    Thank for this encouraging blog post, Margie. I needed it today!

    • margie houmes October 8, 2013 at 11:24 am #

      Thank you dear, Kim. The life of Elisabeth is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and inspires us to take hold of His truth and never let go! We must!

  2. Jo October 9, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    Very good – confirmation for those holding onto promises made long ago and no answers yet. Never give up. God does not forget his promises to us.

    • admin October 15, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

      Amen, my sister. I didn’t always believe that, for Satan buffeted my thoughts. I praise God, because He never allowed me to become stuck in a lie. I am free and full of His truth!

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