A Different Sort of Kindness

A Different Sort of Kindness
When he lies down, note the place where he is lying. Then go and uncover his feet and lie down.

kindnessHe will tell you what to do.”
Ruth 3:4

      Ruth lay perfectly still but every fiber of her being was on edge. “How can I lie here all night? What if he never wakes up; should I awaken him?  This is hard—waiting and not knowing the outcome! Naomi told me to lie down. That was it…just lie down.” Ruth had done everything she was told. Now she had—to wait.

     At midnight, a man stirred, and Ruth looked into the gentle face of Boaz. All of her hopes were pinned on this man. This was her defining moment but she halted to speak her plea. The worst fear of rejection taunted silently.  But she had to speak…she had no choice. Slowly, Ruth opened her mouth and spoke enduring words packed with the power and approval of  Almighty God..

“‘I am your servant Ruth,’” she said. ‘Spread the corner of your garment over me, since you are a kinsman-redeemer.’”

     Boaz looked at the picture of loveliness before him. “All that you ask I will do. Do not be afraid. But there is something you must know.”

“Although it is true I am near of kin, there is a kinsman-redeemer nearer than I.”

     Ruth’s countenance revealed her crushing disappointment. Boaz had called her a woman of noble character. Yet she faced heartache.

My disappointment

     Bob and I made a very low offer on a lovely home.  It was flatly, rejected. My angry response?—“Nothing good ever happens to me!”  Bob then showed me another home with a much lower price tag. But I was convinced I could not live in a house with stairs. However, the Lord showed me otherwise and—we took the plunge. Now every day we watch the boats go by and view the spectacular water fowl. We laugh when remember the Lord’s kindness. He had a far better plan than we ever imagined!

     Ruth was disappointed too. She was asking for security—she would have to wait again. But God had a plan, moved a mountain and Ruth became Boaz’s bride.

The Lord has promised to never leave you… never forsake you.  The Bible states emphatically that the Lord’s loving kindness is more wonderful than life itself. Rest in His kindness. Shove Satan out and boldly declare, “I am confident in the Lord’s goodness for me. I will rest on it. I will meditate on His kindness and be glad!”

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