Father’s Tender Care

                                                                            Father’s Tender Care
Mary and Elisabeth“And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age…”
Luke 1:36

Mary listened quietly, as Jemimah and Keturah shared the exciting events in their lives. Jemimah’s eyes sparkled as she spoke of her upcoming marriage to Noah. Her dress was complete; every stich in place, and the year of betrothal was ending soon. Any night now, she would hear the shout of her bridegroom.

Expecting her first child, Keturah talked excitedly of holding a new life in her arms and singing the songs of Yaweh to calm its fears. But most of all, she dreamt of the love and pride she would see in her Michael’s eyes. Oh yes, Keturah had much to anticipate.

 Mary smiled sweetly as her friends spoke of happy things to come, but said nothing of her life—and no one asked.

Share about the holy child in my womb…and not married? Open my heart and reveal the fears I have about Joseph and the loss of the wedding gown I’ll never wear? Who would believe me?…no one. Who can I turn to?…no one.

No, Mary dare not utter a single word. As much as they loved her, she would still be shamed.  So Mary pondered the angelic visit and her immaculate conception and kept her thoughts and fears—to herself.

But the Lord, compassionate and tender, saw Mary’s need for true friendship. He saw her need of a friend who believed in her, believed in her dream, and believed God was doing great things. And so the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, took pity and sent his chosen daughter to the hill country of Judea.

There she was wrapped in Elisabeth’s loving arms. There she drank deeply of Elisabeth’s friendship, and found comfort from a godly friend—who knew—who understood. Only Elisabeth could have undertaken such a task. And the Almighty knew—He cared!

And so, we see a tender Father, a sensitive Father, who knew the faces of judgment that would shame Mary’s pregnancy. He perfectly joined two women who were equally passionate for God’s supernatural demonstration in their lives.

Beloved sister, is this you? Do you need an Elisabeth? Dear one, know Father loves you, sees your need.  Not all will sit still and listen to your heart—not all are able to. Ask, for an Elisabeth. Father cares. Father understands. Father will answer!

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