Lovely, Isn’t She?

                                                 Lovely, Isn’t She?
sword“The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.”
Psalm 45:13

The King’s daughter slipped into her evening attire and made her way to the palace. A single strand of pearls graced her neck and her gown though simple was silvery blue enhancing her shining eyes. Costly jeweled slippers adorned her feet and around her waist hung her dazzling two edged sword. She walked briskly, for she was eager to bow before her King. What joy!

All eyes turned to behold her beauty for she had been chosen to worship His Royal Majesty. Lovely, isn’t she?  All nodded in agreement. Yes, indeed, the blood of our Savior, has made her clean, through and through.

But it wasn’t always this way. Isabella had lived in a sordid world.  Words and phrases had flown out of careless lips. She had feigned open-mindedness. None the less, Isabella was dirtied with the foulness.

When she met the Savior she was wonderfully washed. No more could she tolerate the vulgar words she once heard. Oh, no, she despised them now. But her enemy sought to remind her of the past, its words, and its hurts.

On one particular night a vulgar phrase mocked. Repeatedly the filthy refrain pulsated through her mind. Isabella felt trapped.  Was she its constant victim?

When will the voices, the memories ever be silenced? Is this who I really am?

Instantly, she was aware of an angry, mocking spirit.

You’ll never be free… You can’t be free… You’ll always remember this.
 You have…all these years. Why would it change now?

But Isabella had a sword at her side. With fearless violence the King’s daughter seized it from its sheath.

I’m the daughter of the King. I break your yoke.
Passive I’ll not be for your contract I destroy in the name of the Lord!
You are an offense to me and have no part in me!

But the voice raged on.  Years of ownership were not easily broken. The refrain kept marching with venomous vengeance. But Isabella determined not to retreat and the Spirit spoke.

Your enemy knows he’s undone. He will attempt intimidation anyway, seeking to weaken your resolve.  Stand, daughter. Be not moved. I—have won the battle. You—are not obligated to remember. You…don’t—have to. Know this! Continue to shut the mouth of this roaring lion and watch him run with his tail between his legs!

The enemy’s strategy was broken… victory came. Isabella was free! She was confident!

That—was the past. Tonight, Isabella would stand before her King and worship with the multitude, in the beauty of His holiness! Lovely, isn’t she?

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4 Responses to Lovely, Isn’t She?

  1. Janice Casey January 28, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    Just so amazing, Margie!! Wow!!!

    • admin January 29, 2014 at 10:34 am #

      Oh, yes it is. What the Lord has done for us, the empowering of His Spirit… giving of Himself for us. How amazing His love and how unbelievable that He went to such lengths to call us daughters, to call us His joy and delight.

      And the enemy sulks and plots to strip us and take the sword out of our hand.
      But we, being aware of His strategies, his toothless roar, are become more than conquerors! Thank you dear Janice, for sharing your awe for our Savior!

      • Michelle Mann January 30, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

        I sometimes struggle with the person I used to be, allowing the enemy to whisper venomous vapors of my past sins and penetrate my ears and heart. Those are the days I’m not keeping the Lord close by my side and the toxicity of that poison seeps into my mind, the battle field! As soon as I step into the presence of the Lord his voice over power’s victoriously drowning out what the enemy has tried to flood my blood with. My Lord always wins the battle!!! Oh, what joy He fills me with!!! Hallelujah!!!
        Thank you for reminding us who reigns!!!

        • admin January 31, 2014 at 5:53 am #

          Dear Michelle,

          Thank you for so beautifully sharing the Lord’s victory. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in our battles. Satan will always attempt to buffet the souls of God’s saints.It is one of his favorite strategies. Isn’t it wonderful to step into the light and walk in the light that Christ has given us, loves to gives us, yearns to give us? It is truly all about His blood, His total cleansing that presents us faultless before His throne. Jesus Christ is now our owner. He has destroyed the works of the enemy and given us authority as well. We are tenacious warriors of the Most High God!

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