The Scared Witness

DZA_afraid-24028The Scared Witness
“In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”
Psalm 56:11

I was scared—scared to reach out to a teenaged boy who lost his mother in December. I met Thomas’s mother in November after I knocked over her mailbox one morning while driving to church. Not now… too early. I’ll confess my sin after church.

And so I did and much to my amazement this adorable, no bigger than a minute woman, welcomed me into her home. She shared openly her life situation and her search for God. And did I know what the sinner’s pray was? She had watched a documentary the night before about a man who prayed the sinner’s prayer as he died. But she wasn’t ready to accept Jesus. I prayed for her and the following week gave her The Prayer of Jabez. 

I never saw her again. Thomas told me she had a weak heart. No one knew…but God. Thomas was precious. “Visit any time… it helps.”

“I’m leaving town. I’ll see you upon my return.”

I wrote him a letter and inserted an article about heaven I had read the day before. God was working. It was plain as day!

This week I returned to Jacksonville. It was time to visit Thomas. As I drove home from church, Father spoke. “Buy Heaven is for Real, daughter. Thomas is fresh and open to Me now.”Heaven is for Real

My mind was racing

Do I give it to him today? What stores have the book? Should I wait to bake cookies and visit another day? What if he’s not home or doesn’t want to see me? And what about his father? They don’t know the Lord. And who am I anyway? I can’t do this.  Oh, Lord, I make grand plans but never follow through. I ‘m a failure. OK, Lord, if I find the book I’ll visit. But, Lord, I won’t have cookies. Shouldn’t I have homemade cookies… the perfect gift? Just the book won’t be good enough. He won’t feel the love. Oh, Lord, please help me.  Alright, Lord, I found the book, the last one at Walmart. He’ll like the Hershey bar too. . We’re just going to do this.

“My mother was excited to read this book,” smiled Thomas. Oh, yes, I want to read it too.”

“Well, your mother would want you to know. Heaven is so glorious!”

“Please visit any time!”

Father and son were smiling. God is at work. It’s as plain as day!

questionDear Readers, please share your story, your thoughts. I’d love that! Do you see yourself in this story?

Are you like I am? I’m changing, though. That was Satan through and through!

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