Hello, My Name is Bitterness

Ariel. very sad!Hello, My Name is Bitterness

“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.”

Hebrews 12:15

        Murmuring as I hurry out the door. “Grocery shopping…wish I were already finished!”

        Grumbling as I brush my teeth. “It takes five seconds for Bob to clean up his bathroom mess. Why does he leave it for me?”

        Murmuring as I make up the bed. “Why here’s Bob’s sock and its match on the floor. How hard is it to pick them up?”

        Grumbling as I put Bob’s washed and folded clothes away. “What a messy closet! Why can’t he put his trousers on a hanger?  Why can’t he be like me?”

        My irritation grew as I grumbled and murmured my way through a day God had blessed. The Holy Spirit grieved while I shoved Him into the corner, causing Him pain. A root of bitterness was springing up. If it were not checked, if I did not come to repentance, wickedness would have its way.

Oh yes, I was fatigued and yes, there was truth in the facts I beheld but wasn’t that a bait? Wasn’t the enemy stirring up bitterness with his carefully laid traps?  I was almost had—until I listened to a message on bitter root judgments. 

This teacher shared her embarrassment as a teenager with a father who drove really old sports cars. She shared about a father who yelled at her while she learned how to drive. She shared about a father who was a road rage driver. And she told of her struggles with road rage and the scary fact she was becoming like the man she once judged. She loved her father, had forgiven him. She asked the Holy Spirit to put His finger on her problem. She asked God for forgiveness for bearing a bitter root judgment against her dad. Instantly she was free. Road rage was a thing of the past. Peace was restored to her household.

I sobbed as I listened. I pleaded for forgiveness as I took responsibility for my bitter root of judgment against the man God had blessed me with. Today I am free.

You can be free from Satan’s torment. You can have your joy restored. Is Father calling your name? If so, run to Him and get the matter settled before the sun sets, before you lay your sweet head upon your pillow. Father wants you free! smile 

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