Throw It Away!

DSC00783Throw It Away!

“Throw all your anxieties upon him, because he cares about you.”

I Peter 5:7 (CJB)


The Lord was smiling with that twinkle which says, “But there’ more if you obey Me…You’ll be truly rewarded if you just give it to Me…You will watch Me turn your ashes into gold if you just give it… away.”

And I saw his open hands so ready to receive my pain, my turmoil from the far distant past. And yes, I still saw his face so full of glee. But I hesitated.

“It’s just too simple, Lord. I’ll still remember, Lord. How can this be? And besides, Lord, there was never closure, never much of an apology. Do I go back and revisit the gravesite? Dig it up too?”     

“Well, daughter it’s a matter of ownership. Whose do you choose to be? You can hang on to the past and allow it to label you or tease you when your guard is down. You can also choose to release these ashes to the wind and declare, that Someone bigger than you has them now. You can seethe in bitterness or lather in joy. Choose this day, whom you will serve.”

“Oh, Lord, I throw it away to You. You can have the memories. I’m burying this baby and kissing the deceiver goodbye. I’m your regal daughter. I have triumphed over the grave with you. I’m seated in heavenly places with you and reign with you. I can’t wait to see what you do with this  garbage!”  

“I’ve got it, child. It no longer belongs to you. Now, don’t take it back. That would be robbery. You know the commandments. It’s Mine now…not yours. And I have also commanded you, to remember not the former things for I am doing a new work.”

And the Almighty laughed as He rolled up His shimmering sleeves and began to do His exceeding abundantly above all imaginations work which would further the work of His glorious gospel.

And for me, a testimony that shouts, “Double! He has given me double for all my shame, double in the land for all my confusion. Restoration which is better than seven and better than anything I could have ever imagined is mine!”DSC00698

Are you still lingering, daughter of the Most High God? Cast your doubts aside and throw your past into His waiting hands. Put on your royal garments and walk with dignity because of the One who lives big in you!






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