God’s Favorite Place

                                                                                     God’s Favorite Place

DSC00665But mercy, (full of glad confidence) exults victoriously over judgment.”

James 2:13b (Amplified Bible)

Where’s your favorite place? Do you like the mountains, the beach, or a secluded island? Do you savor a rainy day curled up in your favorite chair, with your favorite book, eating your favorite snack like popcorn?


Is your favorite place, the mall and drooling over the latest fashion or is it eating dinner in a dimly lit, romantic restaurant? My favorite place is home—just plain—home.mhback

And what do you suppose is God’s favorite place? Perhaps a church building or heaven? Perhaps His favorite place is the sea shore where he can gather disciples. And you may wonder,” Does God even have a favorite place?” But He does…He really does.

I’m going to tell you and maybe it’s your favorite place too. And I must agree as much as I love home I love God’s favorite place better. For without this place, God’s favorite place, home and my very life would have no joy, no peace. It would be empty, without hope, without vision.


Drum roll please—God’s favorite place is—the mercy seat!

God instructed Moses to build the mercy seat and overlay it with pure gold. On the Day of Atonement, thDSC00783e blood of animals was sprinkled on the mercy seat and the sins of Israel were forgiven. In the New Testament, Jesus became our mercy seat.

When you meet him here, He forgives you of your sins—all of them and chooses to remember them—no more. He loves to forgive you, loves to free you from guilt, and loves to set you free.

The devil hates the mercy seat. He will do everything in his power to keep you away. He takes pleasure to see you burdened with guilt for in this state you can’t hear Father’s voice and feel His grace. In this state the work of Christ comes to a halt. But God is greater. When you know God’s love, His forgiveness, you can run free.

Go ahead and shout, “Oh, Lord I love you. I love your mercy seat. I love being your child!”

Now listen. Did you hear Father? This is what He said, “I love you more, Child! I love you more!

Now run!

Run with freedom.

Run with purpose.

Run with confidence.

No sin, no sneering face, no scorner, can hold you back.

At the mercy seat—Father’s favorite place—Jesus has set you free!llittle mouse and big heart 1


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