The Legacy

                                                         The Legacy

straight teacher“We must also consider how to encourage each other

to show love and to do good things.”

Hebrews 10:24 (GW)


Her teacher smiled, winked at her and Anna’s heart warmed. Miss Lee believed in Anna and was fighting for her—a struggling student. Miss Lee saw a prize, not a slow learner.

And Anna grew up became a successful teacher, a cherished teacher.

Anna never forgot her beloved Miss Lee, never forgot that someone thought she was special…thought her a star.

Miss Lee left a legacy…a life… powerfully changed.

In the 1940’s a Negro nanny rocked the failing babies in her local hospital. The nurses gave the hopeless cases to her. And as this black nanny snuggled the desperate babies in her ample bosom she sang, “Jesus Loves You,” and rocked and sang and loved those innocent babes! Her happy byline, “Well, I might as well rock them all the way to heaven.” Surprisingly, many recovered and traveled home with joyful parents.

That precious nanny left a legacy, a story not easily forgotten and lives restored to grieving parents.Faith

And Jesus Christ carried a heavy cross to a sad hill and cried out, “That one…I see greatness in her…I’ll go to Calvary for her. No, there’s not a better one…I want that one.”

Your King smashed the head of the enemy, triumphantly placed a golden crown upon your lovely head and smiled, “Now, you’re completely Mine.” The Son of the Living God left a legacy—you—a life redeemed.



Today He stands before you, His arms extended, “I have called you to leave a legacy, a legacy of My love. Rise to the call, precious daughter, lay aside time and give life to someone standing in the shadows. Run your race–pass the baton —and leave a legacy!”prize pupil

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