The Correction

ashamedThe Correction

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act

 according to his good purpose.”

Philippians 2:13


My precious friend was exhausted from the constant searing pain in her abdomen. Her appetite had vanished—depression was settling in.

I knew I must pray and as I touched her with my anointing oil I prefaced the prayer with these faith filled words. “I do not seem to be much on healing but I will still pray.”

And with everything in me I prayed for healing. But there was no fire from heaven, no Spirit surge of electricity flowing through her body. Everything was the same. Nothing had changed.praying hands

Well, what could I expect?  I’m not much in the realm of healing. Not good at this. Not much authority or power in healing.

Three days later my spunky friend plopped down in front of her physician and said, “I’m not leaving until someone can help me. I’m ready to check into the hospital. God told me you were the doctor who could help.”

Instantly, this fine doctor asked questions again, made necessary phone calls, and made this daughter of the Most High God every therapist’s, every specialist’s VIP. The culprit was found. Healing began to come. And hope was restored to a woman who was called by God to preach His truth to the next generation.

sad faceBut sin had been found in me. I, daughter of the Most High God, who declares that Jesus is my all in all, the air I breathe, the very life I live—was weighed in the balances and found wanting.  Having walked with Jesus long enough to recognize His voice, His nudges, His convictions—I was keenly aware of a fresh correction.

Who is the healer, Margie?  Why is your focus on your inability?  Why did you look at yourself instead of Me? I am the Healer. I am the One who lives in you and does the work. You are my vessel to obey. Look only at Me and My Word…not yourself.

In my false humility Father gently corrected me. Because He is a faithful Father who thoroughly purges His sheep, I was changed; my chains of self-absorption were broken.

The Healer of all life’s heartaches lives inside of you. Wait, listen for His charge. Don’t be afraid! He that empowers you will do the work. Know llittle mouse and big heart 1this, as you obey—the Lord Jesus Christ—does the work!





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2 Responses to The Correction

  1. Robbie August 5, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    Exactly what I needed to hear, Margie! Thank you for your faithfulness!

    • admin August 19, 2014 at 11:26 am #

      Dear Robbie,\
      Thank you for encouraging me re this post. I know what the Lord said to me and I am glad that it helped you too. Your comment has blessed me!

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