She Could Have Danced All Night

She Could Have Danced All Night!

ballerina little girl BIgAriel danced as she had never danced before. She twirled countless times and soared as high as her pint-sized legs would take her. Although no music played she danced and danced for the love from her audience was the only music that sang inballerina soaring her little heart. It was the only music she needed. It was the only music that stirred her to perform—as though she were a prima ballerina.

“Oh, look at her twirl. What a beautiful dance. Why, she’s a gifted dancer. And such a long dance too! Me oh my—ah…oh…”

Sincere and earnest compliments flowed from a loving family. All were amazed by a little girl’s tenacity to create such a sterling performance.

A wise woman I loved so dearly, once made this remark about her first grandson who was considered somewhat diminutive. “Well, if love will make him grow…he’ll be a giant!”

And the young boy who was small and skinny grew into a man of muscle and a man of stature—most of all—a man of character!

And the heavenly host spied the child of God whose heart was given to Jesus, a child whose sins were washed in His blood. She was a child of promise, with destiny and oh how Father adored His little child.

???????????? But His heart was saddened for she could not see her Father’s heart. She could not embrace with reckless abandon how much He loved her. Fears of rejection paralyzed her feet from moving out of a constricted mold. Would her destiny perish? Would her God given dreams and passions be aborted while unfounded fears kept her locked away from the knowledge of her Father’s love?

So I say today, to the daughters of the Most High.

Dance on with all your might. Soar with Father’s love. Dare to twirl and perform ballets long into the night! Come out of your constricted pot and flee the taunts of Satan. Run into the arms of your loving Father who has loved you to dance—loved you to victory—loved you to become a giant!

Music from heaven

“Oh, look at my daughters. Are there any daughters in the land as fair as My daughters? For I their King greatly desire their beauty… My daughters are all glorious within: their clothing is of wrought gold”

Job 42:15

Psalm 45:11&13

“O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice; for sweet is your Pink Ballet Slippersvoice, and your countenance is comely.”

Song of Solomon 2:14b

Dance on, daughter—dance with your Beloved—far into the night!

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