Me? Confident?

Me? ConfidentDZA_afraid-24028?

I stood in front of my group of first graders, twelve in all. Fear of being a good teacher deserving of obedience from my six year old charges, swept over me. After all, who was I that they should obey me? Didn’t they know I wasn’t worthy?

I thought, “I’ll be like Janice. Her students don’t move a muscle without asking permission. That’ll work.”

I failed. I could in no way measure up to her superior craft of discipline. Walking by her classroom I would look to see if anyone was actually in there…so quiet, so orderly.

Next I watched Jean whose classroom was as orderly as Janice’s. One could hear Janice speak but Jean was really—really quiet. “I’ll be like Jean.”

I tried so hard to keep my voice soft and low, my movements steady and serene.

I failed again. But I was praying. And the Lord spoke.Sunlight Shining Through Forest

“Margie, it is a gift to radiate confidence and leadership to your young learners. When you teach with assurance of my call on your life it imparts security for them. They want and need a teacher full of boldness.  Change your attitude. Be the teacher I created you to be. I love Janice and Jean but I want an original you. Get out of the boat!”

And so I did. I would stand in front of my classroom and meditate,” I am the best teacher for these students. They are blessed to have me. I am in the place of God.”

Strange and pompous as it sounds, it was the Lord’s directive for me.

valentine candyIn high school I remember a girl who captured the heart of a boy considered –a catch. I wondered how she had him wrapped around her little finger. The light dawned! She was confident, not proud, but confident. She smiled— was friendly.  She was not uncomfortable being herself.

Now this is a worldly look but the principle is the same. Confidence is attractive, commands respect.

But you can be confident, smiling and friendly for a different reason—a righteous reason. This confidence will not bring a trap.

You belong to King Jesus who counted it all joy to lay down His life for you. Therein rests your value, your worth, you reason for boldness. Furthermore, no man, no devil, can take this unchanging truth from you!

Meditate on His truth for you and be radiant—confident!

“So shall the king greatly desire (my) thy beauty: for he is (my) thy Lord; and (I) worship thou him.”????????????????????????????????????

“The king’s daughter is (I am) all glorious within: (my) her clothing is of wrought gold.”

Psalm 45:11&13

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2 Responses to Me? Confident?

  1. Jo September 23, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    You are all the things you just attributed to others.

    • admin September 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm #

      Dear Jo,

      I am so amazed by your kind words! Thank you my dear sister! I love you,

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