Here Comes the Bride!

Here Comes the Bride!

“The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.

She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework”

Psalm 45:13-14a


Bride and groom kissing.I saw a magnificent sight today—a radiance that outshone the sun. I saw a bride whose eyes were bright and sparkling; whose smile radiated the glory and holiness of her Bridegroom’s undying, sacrificial love.

She was polished as the likeness of a palace and all her clothing was brocaded gold. None had seen such a bridal gown and none had seen such a bride, so undefiled, so pure, whose delight was to bring honor and glory to her Beloved.

There was no residue of worldly tarnish on her skirts—no compromise within her heart—no division of loyalty. She had broken rank with the deceptions of fame and cravings of acceptance the day she saw her Beloved’s nail scarred hands—His wounded feet.

Nothing could lure her away from pursuing Him, His righteousness, His holiness. No one had ever loved her as her Beloved. Her search had ended the day she caught a glimpse of His lovely face—unlike all others!

So all heads turned and hoped for the pleasure of a smile cast their way.

And being the gracious daughter of the King she would not refuse them. But as she looked into their eyes she was grieved, for she saw their love for the world’s entertainment. She was heartbroken again, when she knew what they had forfeited  being too comfortable with the clothing of the world. And this clothing which blended them with acceptable society, only removed them from their dignity and call from the Holy One—to be separate, chosen.

Do you hear the Holy Spirit beckoning you to run a different race, beloved daughter?  Can you let Christmas lightsdown your guard, your fear and yield to His protocol of holiness? Can you say, “Have your way in me, work your purity into me… I surrender all.”?
Today I feel God’s heartbeat, His warning for the church—His bride.

Therefore, I humble my own self before His radiant throne and plead, “Take the coal from the altar and lay it upon my lips. Cleanse me, Lord, of hidden sins and bring forth my righteousness as the noon day sun!

“Let none other take your place of honor and reverence for I long to bring praise to your name and integrity to your holiness. Amen!”


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