Lies from the Pit

Lies from the Pit

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden,

 and I will give you rest .”

Matthew 11:28

pointing fingerFury flew from His foul mouth as he hurled insult upon insult.

While she sat bewildered, ashamed, unworthy, but worst of all,

responsible for such an outburst of rage.

“If only I would say the right things. If only I was deserving, I would hear love not anger, acceptance not rejection. Oh, I wish I were like other women. They’ve got their act together. They’re on top.”

But not I.

And a priceless woman full of talent and promise scooted to the back of the room, kept her voice still and listened with kindness and awe to others more eloquent than herself. She accepted the fact that her purpose on the earth would be meager at best.

After all—she was a looser. This had to be her normal, her only response to life. She had to accept a lowly stance.  Illusions of healthy relationships or finding a reason for her existence were just that—illusions.

So, she endured abusive, controlling, berating relationships. There were no healthy boundaries she was permitted to draw for herself. Others drew the boundaries and she tip toed around them. Over the years this precious woman had developed a deep inner vow—something of which she was unaware. This was her core, the central theme of her soul and the filter for every decision in her life.pointing 2

Be careful now. Don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. Mustn’t upset others…mustn’t get in their way. Must be careful not to express my opinion if it differs from theirs. Be the meek woman the Bible talks about.

I’m a looser—mustn’t forget!

But I tell you, my sisters, every word I penned above is a lie from the pit of hell, as my mother used to say. None of those words come from the mouth and heart of you Savior! None!

It is the voice of Satan, your enemy and the arch enemy of Jesus Christ who destroyed the devil’s works.

While in the desert of temptation, the enemy assaulted Jesus at every level. The constant subtlety of “If You’re the Son of God” was the Faithdevil’s battle plan to demean the Son of God and cause Him to take the bait—it didn’t work!

Satan departed—for a season—and returned, slithering his way into the egregious execution of the spotless Lamb of God. In the end Jesus stripped the devil of everything he had trusted in. Satan was defeated—utterly—completely!

On the basis of this irrefutable truth I address the women who are being drawn into the lies of mediocrity, the lies that you are forever less than. I strongly urge you to walk away from such relationships and such beliefs regarding your purpose of living. Boundaries for healthy, emotional living are given to you by your Jesus and childrenSavior, Jesus Christ. If you are reading this and sense your soul stirring, I have a few resources that will help you step out into freedom. Don’t get stuck in the mud, don’t believe a lie. You are a treasure, designed for God’s glory, His purpose and His tender devotion and care!

You can also find the books by Drs. Cloud and Townsend at the library. They have books covering boundaries in every area. These were a  marvelous help to me years ago.

This book  by Kerri Weems  gives understanding on the blessing of being in God’s rhythm  and enjoying His Sabbath’s. It will shine the light on those things which steal your rest and healthy boundaries.


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