Verdict–Not Guilty!

Not Guilty!

small EveDavid glanced nervously over his shoulder. Good—no one saw and the ones who had carried out his scandalous order would never breathe a word. Hurriedly he closed the door to his private quarters and after his heart calmed he  undressed another’s man’s bride. But she was so lovely, so soft; her brunette curls cascaded sensuously down her bare back.  Who would know and besides—he had fought valiantly in too many wars and so deservedly had earned his just reward.

When sin had finished its course and the curtain was dropped, a stalwart soldier was dead and an innocent baby boy lay lifeless in King David’s arms.

And the Lord of heaven and earth cried out.” What have I done? What kind of father am I? How could I have raised a son who would turn away from me and commit such treachery? I have failed! My name is mud!”

Centuries later a devoted disciple hung out by the fire waiting to hear the outcome of a just man’s trial. “No! I don’t know this man, this so called Christ.”

There was no place to hide and once again confrontation found his fearful face. “Never met the man. Woman, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Certain the senseless trial would soon end the disciple waited, but when spotted  again  the words that spewed from his mouth were egregious. “*!*#@*!”

The rooster crowed twice.rooster

And the Lord cried aloud. “What have I done? Did I train Peter so poorly? Why has my star pupil turned against me? And I thought Peter was going to be a pillar of the church. Oh, I have failed. I am so ashamed.”

praying green handsA mother and father remain on their knees as their promised child, their gift from God, engages in behavior unseemly for one raised in a Christian home. Shame and guilt try to smother them as they behold their child renounce the vows of his youth.

And they cry out. “We are unfit. What have we done to raise such a rebellious and stubborn child? Where have we gone wrong?” We have failed. This is all– our fault!”

Beloved of the Father, you are not at fault today.  Your child’s rejection of faith in Christ , albeit for a short time, is his decision just as it was David’s and just as it was Peter’s. And did the Lord blame himself for the unwise choices of His chosen?   Why that would be ridiculous! So it is with you, beloved, so it is with you!

“I’ve sinned against you—you alone. I’ve committed evil in your sight. That’s why you are justified Susan Caglewhen you render your verdict, completely correct when you issue your judgment.”

Psalm 51:4 BBE (The words of King David)

“So then, let your hearts be changed and be turned to God, so that your sins may be completely taken away, and times of blessing may come from the Lord;” Acts 3:19 (The words of the Apostle Peter)

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