Rest in My Presence, Beloved, Rest!

The Rest of His Presence!

“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Psalm 16:11

churchMary’s mental turmoil escalated as she waited to see her loved ones. Church had already begun.

Why aren’t they here?
Consistency is so important. And what about the children…they love church?

But Yaweh Shammah was there. He stood by as Mary struggled with her feelings of fear and displeasure. And Yaweh Shammah wasn’t wringing His holy hands. He wasn’t pacing the floor and going to the church door, nervously scanning the sidewalks for His children. He was there. He is always there.

Don’t you know I’m God, Mary? Don’t you know I have them? Don’t you know I’ve heard your prayers, will not shame your hope, nor abandon your offspring?

The mocking accuser shared his darts— and Mary listened.devil clip art

Well, I guess I’ll have to address this matter. If I don’t say something, who will? Confrontation is necessary.

At last Mary yielded to the God… who is there.

No, Lord, this is not my business. You have them. You are God. The Word I pray will not return to You void. You are responsible for the fruit of Your Word. You don’t need my help…not this time! ha ha!

preaching Peter pinterestMary turned her thoughts to the wonderful sermon on living in God’s presence. How good to rest in His love. How good to know that He was there. No man could stop the workings of Yaweh. No man!

The sweet service ended and Mary made her way to the door. But what did she see? There—were her smiling children! They had been there all along. God knew. Satan knew—and was laughing. The children knew. But Mary was ignorant. The Almighty had purposely hidden them from her view.

Do we need to see God at work, before we believe He is there? Do we need constant assurance that the Almighty hears our prayers and is interceding on our behalf? Do we waste precious energy and joy because we doubt Yaweh Shammah is there—because He appears silent—because our hope is not seen?Faith

Beloved, The Lord is with you. He is there with your loved ones. You can rest extravagantly in His wonderful name—Yaweh Shammah—for He is there. He is present. That is His name. There is no shadow of turning in Him. He is God, Yaweh Shammah, who does not change, who is present, who is there! Rest!

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2 Responses to Rest in My Presence, Beloved, Rest!

  1. Jo January 6, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    One of your best. This will hit home with multitudes!

    • admin January 8, 2015 at 10:50 am #

      Thank you, Jo, for leaving this comment. Truly the enemy doesn’t want us to live in God’s presence and in His peace. But Yaweh Shammah has prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies. At this table we recline and rest our heard on the Lord’s breast. Thank you, Jesus! We love you!

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