For Lack of Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
Proverbs 29:18

Neon heartI left the meeting disheartened and questioning my calling. Doubt began to weigh me down as the response I received from my writing was not what I wanted. As the day progressed the glowering eyes of my enemy pressed further and deprived me of the joy of being home. This was a day when work ceased—a day I could begin to bring the glorious spring into our winter yard. But I was robbed.
The familiar feelings of rejection made their descent as I took their hat, hung their coat and welcomed them into my moment of depression.
The attack continued the following day and I questioned again my purpose while praying for one in great need. Could I really move in praying green handsthe Spirit? Was any prayer from me truly needed? Others did far better—others knew far more. And so I left the meeting feeling unfit and doubting again the call of God on my life.
But last night a precious soul took me aside and prayed over me a much needed prayer. “Lord Jesus reveal to your child your vision. Open the heavens and disclose what she needs to see.”
And I heard His words and saw what I needed to see. That was all. Father had revealed His love to me—with joy!
shoesLeaving the meeting my feet made straight paths. No longer mastered by the sneer of the enemy but refurbished to pursue God’s passion placed in my heart. The doubt that assailed me was tossed aside and replaced with assurance of God’s call on my life.

Beloved, you have an enemy who wants to trump the Word, the promise, Father has spoken over you. Though your foe is defeated, he never ceases seeking those to rob, kill and destroy.

You have a passion God has planted in your heart—a dream you’ve sunrisehad since youth. This is your field! This is your harvest. This—is your inheritance. No man, no devil has rights to snatch it from your hand. For this reason Jesus calls to you:

My daughter, capture the vision of whose you are, and who you are. Seek My counsel in prayer and listen to the Spirit.

llittle mouse and big heartDismiss the lies of nothingness…receive My truth, be restored and walk…into your destiny!

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