About Margie

Bob and Margie

I am a daughter of the Most High God—yes, I said it again but there’s more. I am also blessed and highly favored. My clothing is silk and purple—I’m all glorious within. I’m excited to share the love of God with anyone!

As a child I spent many long hours teaching my students in a makeshift classroom in my parents’ garage. My mother and aunt would look on my efforts with amusement. Little did they know that I would grow up to become a world famous teacher! Ha! However, many years later I received a BA in elementary education. My dream was accomplished!

After retirement, my heart turned towards Jacksonville, Florida where four precious grandchildren resided. When the door opened I took my adorable Himalayan cat and made the happy journey. My husband remained behind to complete his PhD. He would join me later.

Feeling much alone and isolated in such a huge city, I strove to find a teaching position in my new church. Disappointment followed and my struggle for purpose and identity was met with a brick wall. I felt invisible. After a long debate with God I stepped down and surrendered my dream of ever ministering to children again. My heart was torn apart but the Lord was beginning a new season for me…a season which rocked my world with sorrow and deep agony of soul…but a season when He became my purpose and He became who I was.

In this intensity of darkness and pain, the Lord changed my career… placed a pen in my hand, and said—write! Rejection became my new mode and I vowed to never again attend a writer’s conference. But the Lord had other plans. In 2012, He nudged me to attend the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference. The highlight of this conference is the awards banquet. All attendees dress in their finest apparel and a formal dinner is served. It was during this banquet that I rose to my feet in amazement and complete unbelief when my name was called. I was awarded for my poetry and my unpublished Bible Study on the Book of Ruth. As I walked to the podium the years of turmoil flashed before me. The stage was set. I was ready to bring the captives home! The Lord was calling me to a higher level.

The scripture below sums up the ambition and passion of my heart.

“I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” – Song of Solomon 6:3a