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I speak on a number of topics including:

Forgiveness – Laying your brokenness at the feet of Jesus and receiving beauty for ashes. Learning to obey and surrender to Jesus’ command and putting to death all bitterness of your soul.

Me? Valuable? – Forgetting your past, believing God’s love for you, saying good bye to self-hatred and condemnation, guilt and shame.

The Key to Success
– Excerpts from the Book of Ruth which explain her escape from poverty and unfulfilled destiny into marvelous wealth and provision.

How To Be Brand Spanking Clean – Leaving the tree of knowledge of good and evil and hanging your shingle on God’s tree of life!

When Dreams Die – A look a Naomi—a bitter woman who lost everything but was restored beyond her wildest dreams. (More excerpts from the Book of Ruth)

Respectability – Seeing yourself as a treasure to God. Walking and living a life that commands respect because you know you belong to Jesus. This is good for teens as well.

Unashamed by Hope – Are you trapped in a mindset of hopelessness and despair? God is not a liar! Expect only good from Him and shut the mouth of your enemy. The Lord’s plans for you are good!

Warrant for Arrest – You have an enemy who knows your MO and your ID. He has a warrant for your arrest…dead or alive. Know your enemy. Put on your boots, submit to God and resist the devil. He will run from the terror of you!


For retreats/workshops etc.:

Wisdom From The Book of Ruth – This book addresses women in all stages of life. Revelation of God’s kindness and His devotion to exalt them will liberate women to make godly choices and walk into their destiny.

More Than a Wimpy Kid – This is for all youth and catapults them into living a life of power and impact in their world!


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